Hey there! My name is

Percy Huang

Grew up in Taiwan, I used to believe that knowledge was everything and there was always an answer. But now, I have accepted the fact that people are full of surprises and they've got stories waiting for you to dig and learn.

I earned my master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan in 2016. Since then, I have worked as a UX designer.

My Career

I have worked for companies in different industries, including food delivery, smartphone, in-vehicle infotainment system, mobile OS, and the financial field.

Most of the time, I focused on interaction design and coding some prototypes. Besides, I would squeeze my time researching to know users better. Learning the user's journey helps design and makes my design more persuasive.

One more thing, I was a computer science major in college, so I naturally speak engineer's language, and engineers usually feel happy to work with me.

Past Experiences

Always happy to design for a new field